Lucky Herp UVB 5.0 T8 Fluorescent Lamp 14W 15W 18W 25W 30W 36W

1. Ideal for all tropical and sub-tropical reptiles;


2. Optimal UVB and UVA output;

3. No harmful UVC output;

4. Provide necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism;


5. Prevent or remedy metabolic bone disease, and increas feeding, mating and other natural behaviors.


Products Information

Special glass tube

-High uvb transmittance

-No harmful UVC

Made by machine

-Same shape and thinkness

-Stable uvb output

Item CodeTypeWattageLengthCRIColor TemBaseAverage LifePachage Measurement
FL1405UVB 5.014W375mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-40cm*23cm*23cm
FL1505UVB 5.015W451mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-48cm*23cm*23cm
FL1805UVB 5.018W604mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-63cm*23cm*23cm
FL2505UVB 5.025W755mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-78cm*23cm*23cm
FL3005UVB 5.030W908mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-94cm*23cm*23cm
FL3605UVB 5.036W1213.6mm757800KG1310000h25pieces-124cm*23cm*23cm

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